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Rachel Shankles Author

 I am a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, an educator, a librarian, a writer, a Christian and a traveler through this world.  I taught secondary English many years then moved to the high school library. I completed 42 years in public education before retiring in 2013. I went back to work in 2017 for the University of Central Arkansas as an adjunct and program coordinator in the Leadership Studies Department.  My husband and I live in a  100+ year old farmhouse with a big red barn which is set between the homes of the two Shankles boys. We lovingly call our piece of paradise "The Triple S Farm" which is on Highway 7 South of Bismarck near Lake DeGray.  Between my husband Conrad and I, we have 4 grown children and 11 grandchildren and 5 great grands.

I've been writing since junior high, but I have recently found the time to start publishing the many stories I've written over the years. My youngest grands Ben and Blair Hutto have been visiting us at Triple S since they were little, and we have been on many adventures that were written down and saved for stories. In addition, I have many stories of my childhood growing up in Newport, Arkansas, that will be coming out soon, as well as two other Triple S Farm Adventures.

I earned a BSE in Secondary Education from the UofArk in 1970; an MS in Secondary Counseling from UofArk in 1978 and an MSE in Educational

Ben and Blair attend school at Southside Bee Branch and live in Damascus. They both play sports and are in the band. They are voracious readers. They hike, rock climb and camp with their parents and one of their goals is to visit every national park in the US. They visit Nana on the farm every summer and love to roam the pastures in the buggy (ATV).