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Jana Dixon

Bryant High School
Library Media Specialist
Jana G. Dixon is a graduate of Henderson State University and completed her Master's of Science in Library and Information Studies through Florida State University in 2002.
She achieved National Board Certification in Library Media in 2004. She automated the Bismarck Middle School Library, volunteered & helped automate her church library, and was Library Media Specialist at Cutter Morning Star High School for ten years and the Library Media Specialist at Hot Springs Middle School for five years. She is currently the Library Media Specialist at Bryant High School. She served as AASL Chair in 2009, AAIM Student Media Festival Chairperson for 3 years, AAIM Elected Board Member, AAIM Journal Editor 2008, AAIM 2010 Conference Chair & President-elect, AAIM President and AAIM Past President, Appointed AAIM Board Member, and 2010 AECT School Media & Technology Division Elected Member-at-Large. She was a member of TIE Cadre IV, Dawson Instructional Technology Coaches Training  and the Arkansas Teen Book Award Steering Committee. She received the AAIM Outstanding Media Program Award in 2006, was nominated for AAIM School Library Media Specialist Award in 2008 and the AAIM Herb Lawrence Leadership Award in 2010, received the AAIM Herb Lawrence Leadership Award in 2011 and the Arkansas Library Association Retta Patrick Award in 2011.